The Integriti Technology Platform

Integriti Access Control

Integriti is an IP-connected integrated Access Control and Intruder Detection system which is modular and scalable by design. This means that Integriti is well suited for security applications in small commercial buildings through to large multi-campus institutions or enterprises that span the globe.

Monitor Assets

Monitor and control the movement of all personnel and vehicles in the facility. Protect critical assets and manage the safety of staff and visitors.

Access Permissions

Easily assign access permissions mandating who can go where and when, including visitor access.


Manage the reporting of security alarms and audit their responses.

Regulation Compliance

Ensure compliance with business systems and government regulations.

Affordable on any Scale

Integriti delivers a state-of-the-art solution with tangible cost savings through its integrated Security, Access Control and Building Automation functionality.


Integriti is perfect for small sites through to large multicampus institutions. Only pay for what you want when it’s needed; Integriti’s flexible modular design means it grows with demand as required. And because it’s an IP-based networked solution, utilise new or existing I.T. infrastructure for boundless connectivity

Integriti Integrated Solutions

Event Response

Respond to emergency situations, lockdowns and alerts.

OHS Management

Manage OH&S liability by utilizing competency based access control.

Remote Access

Remotely monitor and control the Integriti system with iOS and Android Apps.

Integriti Access Control

Simplicity of Use

Large or small, everyday use of the Integriti system is simple. Unlock doors, turn on or off security areas all by simply presenting a card at a reader or by using the colour graphic keypad. Manage the entire system via intuitive Windows® based software.

Consolidated Control

Manage the entire security operation from a single user interface. With Integriti acting as the complete Security Management System, integrate a variety of security sub-systems, such as CCTV, Biometrics, Mobile Duress, Lighting, Air-Conditioning, Intercom, Fire and many more.

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Be Sure to Protect Your Property With Integrated Security Services

Having peace of mind that your business or home is protected is essential, which is why it’s important to have integrated security services. As the owner, you want to rely on a company that provides many options for security measures and blends them into one service.

The Importance of an Integrated Security System

Integrating any system in business adds value to both clients and employees. It improves customer service, increases efficiency, and boosts sales.

  • Integrating security features offer a multi-layer approach. The more layers of security there are, the more difficult it is to break it down. Combining security measures such as CCTV, back to base monitoring, access control and more make it easier for the security provider and the client to use.
  • It deters theft and fraud. Most industries deal with theft, loitering and vandalism. However, internal threats are also prevalent. This threat is where off-site monitoring of your live video feed can help prevent any incidents. Remote observation of your footage eradicates the potential of being defrauded by an employee or an in-house security official.
  • An integrated surveillance system helps avoid the liability that security guards pose. Since they are people, fallible to anything, they’re not entirely trustworthy and can have a negative impact on your security. Video surveillance removes that threat on your property and provides peace of mind, off-site.

Related Services We Provide to Integrated Alarm Systems

Combining security measures helps to provide your business with a solid barrier against potential threats. However, there are other options to consider.

  • Smart security for home and business. View your property wherever you are to scout any potential danger, whether it’s inside the building or outside. Having remote access to your camera footage provides added protection and gives you the ability to check in on activity on your property.
  • Back to base monitoring. This service connects your security system to an off-site monitoring centre which is staffed by fully licensed security personnel. The centre will monitor your property, staff or even family to ensure they’re not in danger.
  • Access control adds the ability to monitor the movements of staff within the premises. You can add or delete employee access, secure equipment and employees against unauthorised access.

Why Trust KJ ELECTRONIC SECURITY Regarding Integrated Security Management

KJ ELECTRONIC SECURITY is a reliable and trustworthy business offering customised security solutions for your home or office. An integrated security system is effective and combines major aspects of security into one practical product. From the installation of CCTV to our back to base monitoring, our licensed staff manages your entire system. We hold a Security Master Licence, and all employees and contractors have individual security licences. They go through background checks, blue card, fingerprint and DUI checks to ensure your possessions are in trustworthy hands.

Safeguard your home or business by recruiting a boutique security provider that has your best interests at heart. Contact us to choose a solution to help keep your business and home secured.

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