What is CCTV?

Closed-circuit television is more commonly referred to as video surveillance. CCTV security systems can service both indoor and outdoor locations, serving High Definition video footage to a location of your choice or can even be viewed via a mobile app. KJ Electronic Security can fit your security system with cameras suitable to all weather types, with cameras that are both dustproof and waterproof.

Remote Viewing

Suitable for locations that need to be secured yet aren’t readily accessible or hospitable to employees.

Always On

Reduce the threat of theft, shoplifting and even vandalism with an always on, always watching security system.

Instant Verification

Save yourself unwanted security patrol costs by visually verifying any alarms which may be triggered.

Visual Record of Events

Accidents happen and when they do, a video record of the event trumps all. This can be all manner of workplace health and safety, including falls, breakages, threats and intrusions.

Tailored to You

Don’t spend money on extra alarms and cameras you don’t need. We tailor build our security system to suit your needs and your premises. We take your individual and unique requirements into account and recommend the best security system installation that fits you, along with offering the most reliable products that we know will be reliable and function well for your needs.

CCTV Advantage

CCTV is a staple in today’s security system options and serves as an integral part of any security system. The presence of CCTV cameras alone can be a deterrent for anyone with the wrong intentions.

CCTV security system
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KJ ELECTRONIC SECURITY Offers Security Cameras in Sydney

KJ ELECTRONIC SECURITY offers our business and residential clients peace of mind with our suite of services that include security cameras in Sydney. Security cameras are one of the best ways to monitor your property and to deter theft and intrusion. Our experienced team of security professionals offer a wide variety of camera systems to meet the needs of your home or commercial building.

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