Personal Protection Safety Watch

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Help at the push of a button

The Geroe safety watch allows the team to locate, speak and assist you when needed at the push of a button.

Two-Way Communication

No need to carry an additional mobile phone around or worry about unlocking a phone or dialing a number when you need help.

GPS Accuracy

Map location and street address identifier.

Easy to Use

Geroe is locked down so that the user doesn’t have to worry about setup or settings. All they have to do is push the button.


Geroe Safety Watch
  1. Monitored
    The Geroe is linked to 24/7 TSM monitoring centre.
  2. Help Button
    Press and hold to instantly connect with TSM monitoring team.
  3. Power Button
    To power the Geroe on and off, press and hold the lower right button for 2 seconds.
  4. Temperature
    Displays the temperature in your region. Updated every hour.
  5. Step Counter
    Displays the number of steps taken each day.
  6. Battery Life
    The Geroe vibrates as a reminder it requires charging when it reaches 20% battery (approximately 3-5 hours remaining). It is advised to charge the watch each night. Average battery life is 18 hours.
  7. Stay Connected
    The Geroe vibrates when it is out of coverage or cannot find a GPS location.

Get peace of mind to keep you and your staff safe, the Geroe safety watch offers best in class protection for employees in remote, high risk or lone worker locations.

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